Rough Diamonds, A Practical Guide

The complete book on Rough Diamonds

“Rough Diamonds, A Practical Guide”, is a full size hardcover book that measures 8 1/2 X 11 inches. It contains 175 fact filled pages with 153 black and white photos and 35 unique color photos. It takes you to the next level of diamond knowledge. The author, Nizam Peters has spent over 5 years in writing and photographing this unique work.

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The following subjects are addressed in this book. 1. Rough Diamond structure shape and orientation. 2. Surface features of rough diamonds. 3. Internal features of rough diamonds. 4. Understanding color in rough diamonds. 5. The manufacturing process of rough diamonds. 6. Valuing rough diamonds.

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B. Octahedron. The predominant habit of gem quality rough is the octahedral shape or a modicication thereof. In photo 2.2 we can recognize a shape that has eight triangular surfaces and six points of which faces and points are connected and bordered by twelve ribs. The octahedron can at times be very symmetrically formed in which it can be referred to as a glassy. Another way to view the basic octahedron is that of two pyramids glued at their base. This shape produces the maximum weight retention when manufacturing round brilliants.
Photo 4.2 shows several carbon inclusions close to the surface of this rough diamond.
Photo 4.3 displays carbon inclusions grouped together in an irregular shape rough.
We can observe a more saturated range of yellow colors in photo 5.10
The dodecahedron in photo 5.11 has a yellow greenish cast. The color will be in the yellow range after cutting and polishing.