Diamond Manufacturing and Equipment Program

  • Tuition: U.S. $7000.00
  • Registration: U.S. $500.00 (inclusive of total tutition)
  • Days: Monday through Friday
  • 4 students maximum per class
  • Clock Hours: 60
  • Duration: 2 Weeks (10 days)
  • Time: 9:00am to 4:00pm
  • Measuring the pavilion angle of a diamond

    All instruction is individualized with round the clock supervision and assistance. Class dates for the commencement of this program is based on an agreed two-week period that is mutually acceptable between the instructor and the student.

    The two-week diamond manufacturing and equipment program is designed for students that are interested in setting up and running a profitable production operation. It equips the student with hands on training and insight into each phase of the diamond cutting and polishing operation as well as sawing and bruting. Included in this program is in-depth information on the various types of equipment that is required and those types of equipment purchases that will operate in conjunction with each other. Additionally, information on the production capabilities for any given size operation and its marketing and sales potential are examined.

    It is suggested that students should make notes pertaining to the specific questions that they may have according to the type of operation that they are considering establishing. These questions can be specifically addressed during the two-week class. This program does not equip the student for a personal career in diamond cutting and polishing, extensive training is required for a personal career and is reserved for students undergoing training in the programs outlined in the Institute’s official catalog.  The diamond manufacturing and equipment program will give the student hands on training in all areas of manufacturing. This will enable the student to operate and supervise a production factory.

    A rough diamond is marked for sawing
    Sawing a rough diamond

    Week 1

  • How to mark a diamond to obtain the correct diameter and depth.
  • How to mark a rough diamond for sawing.
  • Where and how to polish windows on a diamond and how to correctly examine the rough diamond internally.
  • Procedures on how to construct and set up a sawing machine to minimize vibration.
  • Correct operation and adjustment of the sawing machine on the sawing bench.
  • How to set and mount a rough diamond for sawing procedures for alignment and adjustment.
  • Hands on technique and the process of sawing a diamond.
  • Defining and orienting a rough diamond for its two, three and four point grain for cutting and polishing directions.
  • How and when to integrate automated equipment in a production factory.
  • How to adjust and align a bruting machine for maximum performance during the bruting process.
  • Principals of spread and depth in relation to bruting.
    The most recent technology in diamond manufacturing is demonstrated and used by the student.
  • How to prepare diamonds for bruting, application in setting and mounting procedures.
  • How to form an acceptable circular outline by bruting on the bruting machine and to obtain maximum spread through this technique
  • Week 2

  • Techniques on maintenance and balancing all cutting and polishing equipment to ensure top performance for a high standard of work.
  • Methods used to prepare and charge a diamond polishing wheel and how to maintain optimum cutting and polishing surfaces.
  • How and where to mark the girdle outline to create better proportions for a well made diamond.
  • How to effectively use the crown and pavilion gauges to measure any given angle.
  • How to operate and use the semi-automatic tang for cutting and polishing procedures.
    Students are required to mark rough diamonds open windows and examine rough for inclusions.
  • Understanding the different types of pots and fingers for correct setting procedures of the rough diamond.
  • How to use the crown and pavilion dops for holding and setting procedures.
  • The use of the press pot tangs and dops for production type cutting and polishing.
  • Explanation on girdle faceting techniques and its application.
  • The seven step process in fashioning a whole rough diamond.
  • How to block a diamond, i.e. cutting and polishing eight mains on the crown and eight mains on the pavilion.
  • How to cut crown and pavilion mains that are equidistant from table to girdle and from culet to girdle.
  • How to brillianteer a diamond, i.e. placing the forty remaining facets on both crown and pavilion
  • How to cut and polish star facets.
  • Procedures and techniques for cutting and polishing fancy cuts
  • Advantages and limitations of automated equipment.
  • How to develop a business plan for setting up a diamond manufacturing facility.
  • What type of funding and investment may be required to set up a manufacturing operation.
  • The diamond manufacturing and equipment program is the only custom made program of its kind in the world. It is designed to educate students in the practical application of operating and setting up a production facility. This program was developed at the request of successful graduates from the rough diamond grading program who wanted to manage and develop their own manufacturing facilities for cutting and polishing rough diamonds.

    Assistance and Field Support

    Upon completion of the diamond manufacturing and equipment program, the institute offers ongoing consultation and support for students during the setting up of a manufacturing facility. The Institute will also extend technical help and advice in any area that may be required, including equipment purchases that are priced less than conventional sources. These and many other services are available to assist the student.

    Tuition and School Regulation

    To enroll in the diamond manufacturing and equipment program an application is required to be filled and submitted with 2-passport size photographs and an enrollment fee of $500.00 U.S. which becomes part of the tuition cost. The remaining portion must be paid in full before the commencement of classes. All funds must be paid in U.S. dollars in the form of a certified check, money order, cashiers check or wire transfer. If the student is not accepted, all tuition including the enrollment fee will be refunded in full. A student is expected to abide by all rules and regulations as printed in the Institute official catalog.

    Application for Enrollment

    Diamond Manufacturing and Equipment Program
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    • Deerfield Beach, Florida 33442
    • Phone: U.S. 1-800-831-8470
    • Fax: 1-954-574-0833
    • International: 954-574-0833
    • Program Details:
    • Tuition: U.S. $7000.00
    • Enrollment Fees: $500.00
    • Clock Hours: 60
    • Duration: 2 Weeks (10 days)
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    • 1. All applications will be handled and filed according to the date each application is received. In the event current classes are filled, the Institute reserves the right to set a new enrollment date for the next available class.

      A student is expected to abide by all rules and regulations as printed in the Institute official school catalog.

      The remaining portion of tuition must be paid in full before the commencement of classes. All funds must be paid in US dollars in the form of a certified check, money order, cashiers check or wire transfer.
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