Nizam Peters




At the age of sixteen Mr. Peters was studying painting and sculptor at the University of Perugia in Italy. By the age of twenty one he had obtained diamond training through residency at numerous factories and from individual master diamond cutters in South America, Europe and North America. He staked his first claims in the alluvial diamond fields of Venezuela and Guyana including supervising diamond mining operations in South America.

Mr. Peters is an accomplished diamond cutter who is versed in all aspects of diamond manufacturing. His diamond cutting ability has earned him a reputation for cutting and polishing unusual shapes and difficult crystals. He is known as a specialist in fancy cuts and had the honor in 1985 to cut the worlds largest Barion cut diamond. He has been the superintendent of two separate diamond cutting factories and president of a successful retail jewelry store for eleven years.

Mr. Peters is also an inventor in which he has acquired patents on the Universal Cone Generator, a major labor saving machine for large production factories. Mr. Peters has photographed and authored the first books written on rough diamonds. Both books detail dramatic and unique photographs on rough crystals. He is the first to classify rough diamonds in a system that can be easily understood by the layman. He has introduced to the industry new and descriptive terminology for both rough and finished diamonds.

Mr. Peters arrived in the United States thirty nine years ago and established the American Institute of Diamond Cutting in 1980. Today it is an internationally recognized school dedicated to teaching the art of diamond cutting and rough diamond grading. He is in demand as a lecturer and is a consultant for major companies and government projects in several African countries, Mr. Peters still considers himself a student in the field of diamonds.